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17 Jul - 8 min - Uploaded by Creare In this week's website design video blog, James demonstrates how to add a preloader to your. Find out how you can create a useful preloader with a load bar. This is because all your art assets are being loaded in the first frame. The normal way of solving this is to shift the start of the main site to frame.

Basic loading bar preloader for Flash explained. Learn to create the basic preloader with a loading bar showing how much of .. it may be too late to comment on this topic but i developing my swf's on as2 the problem is that. FLAs Includes both AS2 and AS3 loaders. NG2. Alternate Basic Loader A clean loader with an animated NG logo. Good to know: Works with Flash 6 and up. A preloader tutorial made for a friend Click left/right edges or push A/D or left/right keys to navigate. Because it was tutorial intended to be.

I'm already using the following as a preloader for the main file, so an adaptation of it would be very welcome so I can co-ordinate the graphics. A trial of flash/full copy (which you can get here) Obviously, open Flash and make a new Flash file. I'm using Actionscript 2, BTW. Add Tip Ask Question. Having a preloader is necessary in all Flash movies displayed on the web as they stop the movie from being played before loading all the data and it also.

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