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Parallel port test

After playing around with a ton of parallel port cards in an attempt to figure out Willem programmer compatibility, I decided it would be useful to. LPT Port Test Utility i / x Common With this utility and the corresponding hardware, you are able to test the proper working of the LPT port of your. This simple program allows you to test the inputs and output pins on a parallel port. Unlike many other alternatives, this program will work.

I'm looking for some software that will do a complete test on a parallel, EPP, ECP port. It seems that Burn In Test's loopback connector for the. Free Download Parallel Port Tester - A lightweight, user-friendly application that serves to detect and test the input and output pins of pa. Hi I`d like to test my two parallel ports to see if their working correctly. What`s the best method for this type of test. Barry.

This is a little parallel port tester done with pyVCP. The files. upload:orientcruisetravel.com ยท upload:orientcruisetravel.com To run this place both files in the same directory. I'm having trouble communicating with my parallel port and I want to Unlike a serial port, there is no loopback type test that can be done. hi how to test the parallel port of a computer. I have faced a lot of trouble during parallel port interfacing. now i want to test whether my lpt port is.

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